Well the first week is now over. My mother and I went to check out the progress as she wanted to see the building site.  The foundation is nearly completed and the plumbing, gas, coax and temporary power have been put in.  Flooring and framing should start early next week!  It is exciting to see it come together so quickly!

Utilities     Plumbing     Foundation 3

Well the first week is nearly over. The foundation has been started and should be completed very soon. Progress!

Foundation 3     Foundation 2     Foundation 3

I have not posted in a while and it is time I do some updating.  A lot has gone on the past few months and I am happy to say that I am building my first home.

I will be attempting to take pictures of the progress weekly and the home should be done around the middle of September. I will be very happy to move away from apartment living and have a home that I can actually make my own.

So far the lot has been cleared and the dimensions of the home laid out for the foundation. Exciting!

Lot 1     Lot 2     Lot 3

1424126093_full.jpegSo today we celebrate our Presidents. Sadly, the individual we currently have in office is not much of a leader and acts more like a dictator muppet. He would rather be on the golf course than actually dealing with our nation’s issues.

Lately, I have been seeing the Jordanian King fighting ISIS alongside his men. What does our leader do? Hit the course for another 18 holes, while supporting the Islamic State. How pathetic. Has our country really become this screwed up? Has our voter base really become this stupid to allow such a person to hold our nation’s highest office? I am sure the Jordania people are proud of their leader! A leader must lead, not hide behind the media!

Instead of voting purely based upon getting more welfare, free cell phones and any other government based handout, people really need to start voting with their brains! I only see our country getting worse until people care enough about it getting better!

Less than two more years and I hope that we can elect a President that our country can actually be proud of and that our enemies fear. We need another Reagan.

I suppose I should be updating this more often.  I am now trying out the Blogo software for Mac that allows me to publish directly from my desktop.

Anyways, I’ll try to update this much more frequently, not that anyone reads it!

To you idiots trying to break into my website via brute force, good luck.  You’re all about to get permanently banned by IP subnet.

Stupid script kiddies.

PanyaHow can something so small have such a large impact on our lives? Panya came to me as a rescue from Craigslist. The owner was going to release her and her cage mate Mocha into the wild if she could not secure a home for them. I took them in and they were my first pair of rats. The owner never gave much information on either of them, other than she didn’t know their ages and they had never seen a vet their entire lives. Both were adult females and I estimated them to be around a year old.

I took Panya into the vet because she appeared to have a infection and I wanted to check on her general health. The doctor checked her out and diagnosed her with heart disease and placed her on medication. More than likely she was born with this and should have been taking medication from a young age. After a few days she seemed to be much happier, more energetic and very loving.

Panya became very attached to me. Anytime I was home, she was either sleeping or climbing up my leg and sitting on my shoulder asking for attention or treats. This was very rare behavior for a female rat. It came to be that Panya did not stay in a cage. I let her roam freely through the house and have her freedom. She’d climb up on the bed and nap on my pillow, wander around the apartment or attempt to get attention or food from me when she wanted it.

I do remember one night I had cooked salmon. I never knew a rat could be so quick. Just the smell of it drove little Panya crazy and she climbed up the table and attempted to steal it from me. I gave her a piece and she ate it as if she had never eaten before! Fish became her favorite. Every time after that, if I ever cooked fish, she’d have to be the first to get some.

Sadly, Panya didn’t stay with me as long as I’d have liked. Eventually the heart disease took it’s toll, and she just couldn’t hold on any longer. She passed just before Christmas in December of 2012. Honestly, there is not a day that goes by where I do not think of her and sometimes I get the feeling as if she is still there on my pillow, late at night when the world has gone quiet.

I will always remember Panya and the fact that sometimes is the little things that can mean the very most to us.

So the server this website was on moved data centers and is now going bankrupt.  The server crashed and it appears most of the data will be lost.  I have since moved to Stable Host, a non EIG hosting company.  I’ve redesigned the site a bit and will attempt to recover any previous postings if I can.

On another note, I’ve had a web presence for well over 10 years.  Honestly in that time, I have failed to do much posting on the website.  I should blog more often and add more photos.

Again life has thrown me a curve ball.  Some people aren’t who we think they are and things happen.  I am doing well and really trying hard to not let myself take a step backwards.  Once we’ve cared for someone, do we ever really fully stop?  I still think about people from my distant past from time to time and wonder how they are doing.

I hope you are all doing well.