Well the first week is now over. My mother and I went to check out the progress as she wanted to see the building site.  The foundation is nearly completed and the plumbing, gas, coax and temporary power have been put in.  Flooring and framing should start early next week!  It is exciting to see it come together so quickly!

Utilities     Plumbing     Foundation 3

Well the first week is nearly over. The foundation has been started and should be completed very soon. Progress!

Foundation 3     Foundation 2     Foundation 3

I have not posted in a while and it is time I do some updating.  A lot has gone on the past few months and I am happy to say that I am building my first home.

I will be attempting to take pictures of the progress weekly and the home should be done around the middle of September. I will be very happy to move away from apartment living and have a home that I can actually make my own.

So far the lot has been cleared and the dimensions of the home laid out for the foundation. Exciting!

Lot 1     Lot 2     Lot 3

1424126093_full.jpegSo today we celebrate our Presidents. Sadly, the individual we currently have in office is not much of a leader and acts more like a dictator muppet. He would rather be on the golf course than actually dealing with our nation’s issues.

Lately, I have been seeing the Jordanian King fighting ISIS alongside his men. What does our leader do? Hit the course for another 18 holes, while supporting the Islamic State. How pathetic. Has our country really become this screwed up? Has our voter base really become this stupid to allow such a person to hold our nation’s highest office? I am sure the Jordania people are proud of their leader! A leader must lead, not hide behind the media!

Instead of voting purely based upon getting more welfare, free cell phones and any other government based handout, people really need to start voting with their brains! I only see our country getting worse until people care enough about it getting better!

Less than two more years and I hope that we can elect a President that our country can actually be proud of and that our enemies fear. We need another Reagan.

I suppose I should be updating this more often.  I am now trying out the Blogo software for Mac that allows me to publish directly from my desktop.

Anyways, I’ll try to update this much more frequently, not that anyone reads it!